The soy connection continuing professional education

Newsletter, Vol 22, No 3

1. According to the article, the genetically-modified crops receiving the greatest level of production on an area-basis include all of the following EXCEPT:
2. The popularity of engineered crops for growers, as described in the article, is in part due to:
3. The article states that the primary areas in which genetically modified crops improve environmental quality include:
4. The author argues that glyphosate is the most effective _______ for control of emerged weeds, and also maintains a favorable toxicological profile.
5. No-tillage soybean production is described as being beneficial towards the environment by:
6. The article states that carbon sequestration attributed to U.S. soybean production has been estimated to be the equivalent of taking ____ family cars off of the road per year.
7. From production through consumption, the article states that food in the US accounts for ____ of the total energy budget, using ____ of land and ____ of all freshwater.
8. Environmental impacts listed in the article from the oil, pesticides, fertilizers, and practices used in food productions include all of the following, EXCEPT:
9. The article states that the global food sector accounts for between __________ of total greenhouse gas emissions:
10. According to the article, _________ foods have the greatest adverse environmental impact.
11. For the average American, the authors suggest that ____ of the carbon consumed through foods occurs _____ the point of consumption.
12. The article states that it is estimated that ______ is largely responsible for overloading landfills.