Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 24, No.2

0. In West Africa, the market demand for soymilk is reportedly due to all of its following characteristics, EXCEPT:

1. According to the article, which country is the world’s leading producer of soybeans:

2. The article states that a majority of the total soybean supply is processed into:

3. The population that consumes the highest amount of soy per gram daily is:

4. According to the article, “Americanized” soymilk is often fortified with:

5. The authors suggest that in Mexico, some manufacturers use soy to _____ protein content, while _____ costs.

7. According to the article, some of the soymilk flavors unique to India include all of the following, BUT:

8. The soyfoods market in Europe has reportedly developed similarly to that of:

9. The authors of the “Healthy Handout” suggest that soy became more incorporated into the Indian diet, in part, because of:

10. According to the “Healthy Handout”, the incorporation of soy foods into the Mexican diet has been promoted as helping with all of the following, EXCEPT:

11. In Brazil, ______ is the most common vegetable oil consumed.

12. The most common vegetable oil consumed in Argentina is: