Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 27, No. 2

1. According to the World Cancer Fund International, post-diagnosis _____ intake may improve the survival of breast cancer patients.

2. The article states that relative concerns regarding the impact of soyfoods on women and breast cancer risk are based on similarities between ______ and ______.

3. What does the article offer as an average reasonable daily goal for benefits related to soy and reduced breast cancer risk?

4. Soyfoods may increase the amount of thyroid medication needed by hypothyroid patients because:

5. One serving of a traditional soyfood is stated to contain approximately ____ of isoflavones.

6. The two case reports of males experiencing feminizing effects from soyfoods reportedly consumed an estimated ____ of isoflavones daily.

7. One of the studies cited in the article stated that it found soy protein supplements produced _______ _______ ______ strength and lean body mass in response to resistance training as compared to animal protein.

8. The current omega-6 fatty acid to omega-3 fatty acid ratio in the U.S. is reported to be:

9. The position of the American Heart Association regarding the ratios of essential fatty acids, as stated in the article, is that:

10. According to the article, _____ refers to the microorganisms found in an environment; while ______ refers to the collective genomes of microorganisms inhabiting a particular environment.

11. The soybean oligosaccharides are classified as ______, as they have been shown to increase the growth of bifidobacteria.

12. In addition to oligosaccharides, which other components of soybeans were stated in the article as affecting microbiome?