Soy Grown in the USA

Almost half of the United States is devoted to farming, and soybeans are the second largest crop grown on U.S. soil. Sourcing U.S.-grown ingredients, like soybeans and soybean oils, is becoming increasingly important. Consumers are asking for cleaner labels and trust U.S.-grown products.

Hear from food industry professionals who use U.S.-grown soy solutions, including high oleic soybean oil, a drop-in trans fat-free replacement for partially hydrogenated oils.

Contact your oil supplier for a free sample of U.S.-grown high oleic soybean oil or shortening, now approved for global use, or submit a sample request form.


of consumers said it’s important
to support domestic agriculture
by buying foods produced with
U.S.-grown crops.

Source:United Soybean Board (USB) 2018 Food Industry Insights annual survey

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Virtually tour USB Farmer-Director Nancy Kavazanjian’s family farm.
Learn about the diverse crop profiles and sustainable practices that put
them at the forefront of the farming industry.