Meet Your US Soybean Growers

Your U.S.
Soybean Growers

ask a soybean grower
Ask a U.S. soybean grower a question and check back for new responses.
  • Question #1:
    I’ve heard most farms in the U.S. are owned by big corporations, is this true?
    Nearly 97% of all farms are owned by families. My own farm is a large corporate farm in the sense that it is owned by my large family – my 10 brothers and sisters, a niece and nephew, and me. We are incorporated for income tax purposes. I farm the land with my brother Mike, my sons Seth and Jesse, and few other employees.
  • Question #2:
    Soybeans seem to be a popular crop grown in the U.S. What do farmers do with all of those soybeans once they are harvested?
    The soybeans harvested from my farm are crushed for animal or fish feed or exported. The oil is sold as vegetable oil.
  • Question #3:
    As a farmer, what does “sustainability” mean to you?
    Sustainability means farming in a manner that sustains plants, animals, and humans while protecting the environment. There must be a way to make a profit at the same time to stay in business.
  • Question #4:
    What are some examples of agricultural practices that help you protect the environment on your farm?
    Dee River Ranch practices the use of no-till along with cover crops to build the soil health and protect the environment. These practices reduce erosion, improve water holding capacity in the soil and reduce water runoff, minimizing soil and fertilizer runoff.