Health Professionals

Soy Protein May Provide Patient Benefits


Soyfoods have attracted the attention of research scientists around the world for health properties beyond basic nutrition. Soy is a complete protein and soyfoods are rich in vitamins and minerals including folate, potassium and, in some cases, fiber.


Free Materials

Share soy resources in your office or patient exam room, including health and recipe brochures.


Consumer Attitudes about Nutrition

The annual Consumer Attitudes about Nutrition study provides valuable insights into perceptions about general nutrition, health and soyfoods, such as:

  • Nutrition attitudes and resulting effects on purchasing decisions

  • Nutritional habits and obesity concerns

  • Awareness of soy’s health benefits

  • Perceptions of biotechnology and sustainability

  • Knowledge and behaviors about fats and oils

CPE Accredited Provider

Registered Dietitians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners receive continuing professional education units for reading
Soy Connection newsletters and taking the respective test online.

Soy for Women’s Health

Studies show that postmenopausal women may reap particular benefits from including soy in their diet. This fact sheet discusses recent research into the benefits and safety of soy for women, from heart disease to hot flashes.