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The United Soybean Board invites you to discover and share the stories behind your favorite family recipes. Preparing meals with your family is a great way to preserve cherished traditions connected to cooking. Look closely, there’s often deep-rooted history in recipes passed down between generations. You may also be surprised to find one of the essential ingredients in the recipes is soybean oil.

Keep the spirit of traditional recipes alive. Interview family members on camera to uncover the story behind your favorite family recipe. Share the video for a chance to be featured in Soy Connection's Digital Time Capsule.

Did you know? Soybean oil is commonly labeled vegetable oil. Check the label to confirm your vegetable oil is 100% soybean oil!

How To Enter

Interview family members. Create a 1-2 minute video that captures the story behind your favorite family recipe prepared with soybean oil (vegetable oil). The video must include:

  • Recipe name
  • Background story on the recipe
  • Non-branded products (avoid mentioning or displaying brand names)
  • Soybean oil (commonly labeled vegetable oil) must be an ingredient in the recipe

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Release Statement

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