Joy of Soy - Health & Recipe Guide

Order your copy of this convenient recipe booklet for your patients today. Inside, you'll find health information and recipes to help make healthy eating easier. Edamame Four Ways on the last page provides a variety of applications for enjoying edamame.

2014 Edition

Soy for Health Brochure

A fully referenced guide for health professionals on soy's benefits for everyday wellness and prevention of certain chronic diseases.

2014 Edition

Soy Connection Newsletter - Current Issue

Reviewed by an editorial advisory board of nutrition experts and meticulously referenced, this newsletter appears quarterly in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. You can also sign up to receive the newsletter by email.

Consumer Attitudes About Nutrition

A resource for food industry, health professionals and the media, our 21st annual study examines U.S. nutrition attitudes in general and soy in particular.

2014 Edition

Soybean Oil Innovations

For the food industry: Plan your oils future today with this technical guide on oil processing techniques and enhanced soybean varieties for food technologists interesting in creating products with no trans fats and beyond.

2014 Edition

Savvy Sales & Marketer's Field Guide to Fats and Oils

A non-technical guide on how enhanced soybean oils can help provide a marketing edge in developing products with no trans fats.

2013 Edition

Learning to Cook with Soy: Instructor Guides & Lessons

Learning to Cook with Soy: Simple, Smart, & Fun is a set of valuable nutrition education materials designed to teach low-income populations the nutritional and economic value of soyfoods. Each lesson includes an Instructor Guide with step-by-step directions on how to prepare and conduct a nutrition and cooking lesson, supporting nutrition education materials, and resources for conducting the lesson.

*No hard copies available. Please download electronic files here:



Learning to Cook with Soy-Family Instructor Guide

Learning to Cook with Soy-Family Lesson Materials



Learning to Cook with Soy-Parent Instructor Guide

Learning to Cook with Soy-Parent Lesson Materials



Learning to Cook with Soy-Teen Instructor Guide

Learning to Cook with Soy-Teen Lesson Materials

2010 Edition

A Health Professional's Guide to Biotechnology

A fully referenced brochure exploring food production that's healthy for humans and the environment.

 2010 Edition

Benefits of Biotechnology Flashdrive

A compilation of research studies supporting biotechnology's role in producing safer and healthier food worldwide.