The soy connection continuing professional education

Vol 21, Number 1 - Focus On: Dietary Guidelines for Americans

1. Which of the following was a subcommittee of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee:
2. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are published every how many years:
3. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee used an evidence-based review process with the strongest evidence found in which of the following type of studies:
4. Approximately what percentage protein is contained in whole soybeans:
5. Legumes are low in which of the following indispensable amino acids:
6. In the American diet what percentage of protein comes from animal sources.
7. Which food groups compose one half of the MyPlate image:
8. Grains represent what percentage of the MyPlate image:
9. Soy milk is in which myPlate food group:
10. Which of the following SuperTracker tools allows the user to see calories consumed:
11. Which of the following SuperTracker tools allows the user to type-in a food and learn the nutrient content:
12. Consumption of plant proteins of lower –quality is most acceptable for which of the following life stages: