The soy connection continuing professional education

Vol 23, No 1 - Soy and Breast Cancer

1. This article states current evidence suggests that in order to reduce the risk of breast cancer, soy consumption must occur at which stage of life:
2. The author recommends that girls consume specifically how many servings of soyfoods per day, due to the association with the protective effects in epidemiological studies?
3. Epidemiological studies, as stated in the article, show that post-diagnosis soy intake ______ recurrence and breast cancer mortality.
4. The six intervention studies cited in the article which examined in vivo breast cell proliferation have found that soy and isoflavones:
5. Extensive prospective data in the article cites soy as _________ for breast cancer patients.
6. Which isoflavone in soyfoods is cited in the article with a beneficial association in certain breast cancers:
7. The author states that the consumption of specifically how many servings of soyfoods per day by adults is consistent with both clinical and epidemiological findings of health benefits.
8. The second article describes a statement issued by a subgroup of the American Cancer Society in 2006 stating that evidence suggests there are unlikely to be harmful effects if “soy is provided in the diet consistent with amounts in the typical _______ diet.”
9. More recently, the American Cancer Society reaffirmed its review of literature for breast cancer survivors, stating that there is a potential for soy and soy foods to exert a _____, _____ effect with tamoxifen.
10. According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, after evaluating studies regarding the association between the consumption of foods containing soy and all-cause mortality, the evidence is suggestive of which type of relationship between the two:
11. The handout stated that the World Cancer Research Fund International notes there are links between better survival after breast cancer and all of the following, EXCEPT:
12. Some practical ways stated in the handout to help modify current diet choices include all the guidelines, EXCEPT: