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Food Manufacturing - August 2014 - Vol 8, No 2
High oleic soybeans will be planted on 18 million acres by 2023, yielding an estimated 9.3 billion pounds of high oleic soybean oil in 2024. Learn how high oleic soybean oil will drastically improve the edible oil landscape for the food industry in the coming years. Read More
The 21st annual United Soybean Board Consumer Attitudes about Nutrition study reveals U.S. consumers focus on health more than ever. Learn what this means for you. Read More
With a nation of Americans trying to make smarter, more nutritious food choices, it only makes sense that our favorite restaurants must follow suit. Learn how foodservice registered dietitians are making it happen. Read More
Curious how to make the best ingredient choice for your products and menu items? Or, why biotechnology could be a game changer for the food industry? Learn about these topics from industry experts in new segments from the QUALISOY video series. Read More
The United Soybean Board joined nearly 16,000 food industry professionals at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo in New Orleans, LA, where innovative soybean oil solutions took stage. Read More