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Food Manufacturing - September 2014 - Vol 8, No 3 - Meal Time with Millennials: How to Attract Generation Y; "The ""Soy What?"" Behind Vegetable Oil; Industry Trends Impacting Product Development; Hear From Industry Experts: Oil Innovations Benefit Products and Consumers; Out and About with the United Soy
The 80 million millennials living in the United States command an estimated $1.3 trillion in spending power and are changing the way we shop and eat. Three top millennial food trends present opportunities waiting to be filled by the food industry. Read More
Two-thirds of consumers (and health professionals, who influence public perception) believe soybean oil to be healthy. However, there is a significant lack of awareness about soybean oil -- just 10 percent are aware that vegetable oil is often labeled soybean oil. What happens when consumers learn the facts behind the label? Read More
Certain industry trends have staying power and will influence your business, whether you want them to or not. Learn the latest insights pertaining to GMO labeling, ingredient sustainability and removing trans fat from products, and how to leverage them for positive impact. Read More
In QUALISOY’s latest videos, hear from a leading food retailer and seed technology company how soybean oil innovations are positively influencing the food supply. Read More
High oleic soybean oil received high marks from chefs at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo. The oil was showcased along with other kitchen innovations at a QUALISOY-sponsored Culinary Demonstration, held in Anaheim, CA. Read More