The Soy Connection for Health Professionals

Health & Nutrition - Spring 2016 - Vol 24, No 2 Soy and Global Culture

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  • One of the most valuable attributes of the soybean is its unique ability to be used in a wide variety of food applications including as a beverage. Soy oil, prominently labelled “Aciete de Soja” or “Óleo de Soya” is a pantry staple in Hispanic households worldwide, especially considering fried food is likely on the menu for at least one, if not all three, daily meals.

Soy Plays Growing Role in Feeding a Hungry World

With nearly eight billion people living on Earth today and another one billion projected by 2040, an abundant source of efficiently produced and nutritionally-rich foods is going to be one of the keys to survival. Fortunately, we have Glycine max, more commonly known as the soybean, to help meet the nutritional needs of the growing population Read more

India to Latin America – Tofu Inspired Dishes

The history of incorporating soy into the Indian diet revolves around the large population of vegetarians and a concern over a lack of high-quality protein. These circumstances sparked interest in studying soy as a new food source. Read more

Soy Para Soy: The Functional and Emotional Value of Soy in Latin and South America

Though Hispanics around the world are far from homogenous, diverse segments overall stay true to significant commonalities when it comes to food. In particular, Hispanics broadly share a strong preference for fresh, local and whole ingredients and traditional dishes that help preserve their connection to each other and their country of origin. In the United States, for example, Hispanics outspend the general market on food and are spending at a higher rate on “fresh” more frequently than other consumer groups. Read more