The Soy Connection for Health Professionals

Health & Nutrition - Summer 2014 - Vol 22, No 3 Biotech

In This Issue: 

  • In this issue we learn how we can advance environmental sustainability through the use of biotechnology. We find out how biotechnology can be used to help the environment and keep our planet environmentally sustainable through the use of various applications of biotechnology. Find out how soy can contribute to this environmentally sustainable world and help work toward a better tomorrow.

Environmental Sustainability Advanced Through the Use of Agricultural Biotech

Genetically modified (GM) crops have received wide-spread adoption in approximately 30 countries encompassing over 175M hectares with soybean, corn, and cotton representing the crops with the greatest level of production on an area basis. Learn how GM crops can aid in environmental sustainability. Read more

The Environmental Impact of Food: Where Does Soy Fit Into the Picture?

All human activity impacts the environment. The production, supply and consumption of goods and services all require inputs and result in outputs. The transport we use, the clothes we wear, the energy that powers our homes, electrical gadgets, and the food we eat are all produced from earth’s finite resources. Learn how soy fits into the big picture and how soy can help mitigate the environmental impact that food has upon our environment. Read more

Soy Provides A High Protein, Low Budget Option For Meal Plan

Soy is an economical, excellent source of plant protein and can fit into most budgets. An important key to successful savings at the grocery store is to plan meals before shopping. Learn how to save money while shopping by following smart shopping tips and buying soy! Read more