The Soy Connection for Health Professionals

Health & Nutrition - Winter 2014 - Vol 22, No 1 Hormonal Effects of Soy

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  • Understanding the Hormonal Effects of Soy

The Hierarchy of Scientific Evidence – Of Rats and Men

One of the most important considerations in assessing the validity of a conclusion based on scientific evidence is the design of studies used to support it. The strengths of such designs are ranked according to the hierarchy of scientific evidence. 1-5 Read more

Understanding the Hormonal Effects of Soy

Soyfoods have a long history of consumption throughout Asia and have been valued for their high-quality protein1 and healthy fatty acid profile2. However, there remains some confusion and uncertainty among health professionals about the role of soyfoods in a healthful diet. This can largely be attributed to the fact that soybeans are uniquely rich in isoflavones. Read more

Soy oil is good for the heart

For decades nutritionists have recommended reducing the saturated fat content of the diet as one important means of lowering risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). And while this strategy continues to be endorsed by the American Heart Association,1 the type of calories replacing saturated fat may determine whether heart disease risk is in fact lowered. Read more