The Benefits of Biotechnology: Enhanced Soybean Oil

Benefits of Biotechnology

The United Soybean Board developed a compendium in 2011, titled "The Benefits of Biotechnology: Scientific Assessments of Agricultural Biotechnology's Role in a Safer, Healthier World."

Benefits of Biotechnology

Examining available research, the scientific assessment demonstrates that biotechnology has the power to increase human health, environmental sustainability and the well-being of consumers and farm communities globally.

These findings include:

  • Higher yielding crops developed through agricultural biotechnology can contribute toward meeting the United Nations' estimated need for a 50 percent increase in world food production by 2030.
  • More nutritious crops developed through agricultural biotechnology can help consumers meet specific nutrient needs such as increasing omega-3 fatty acid consumption or reducing saturated fat consumption.
  • These improved crops have been declared safe repeatedly by the world's top scientific and regulatory bodies, so consumers can feel safe eating foods with biotech-derived ingredients.
  • Farmers can contribute to sustainable farm communities by earning higher incomes for biotech-derived crops.
  • Better soil health, improved water retention/decreased soil erosion and decreased herbicide runoff are resulting from the use of biotechnology.
  • Agricultural biotechnology is decreasing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from farming.

Read more about the Benefits of Biotechnology research in the annotated bibliography.