Benefits of Biotechnology

High oleic soybean oils are trait-enhanced oils that offer improved functionality with a healthier profile to meet marketplace needs.

High Oleic Soybean Oils Deliver Benefits

High oleic soybean oils offer a bevy of benefits, whether used to fry, sauté, bake or prepare snack foods. What does this mean for you?

Benefits of Biotechnology

Soybean Industry Ramping Up High Oleic Oil Supply

Today, U.S soybean farmers are collaborating with seed technology companies to ramp up crop production and accelerate the supply of high oleic soybeans. The goal is to have 18 million acres planted by 2023, which is expected to result in 9 billion pounds of available high oleic soybean oil. QUALISOY projects the supply of high oleic soybean oils will be greater than other high oleic offerings due to the amount of available soybean acreage in North America.

High oleic soybean oils were commercialized in 2011 and are available now. Quantities are increasing and expected to reach 1.7 billion pounds by 2016.