Oualisoy - Soy Oil Collective Research

QUALISOY®, a one-of-a-kind agricultural initiative through which the United Soybean Board and our industry partners work hard to provide the food industry with healthy and functional oil solutions.

You stand to gain improved health profiles, flavor stability and extended shelf life from improved processing technologies and emerging trait-enhanced soybean oils.

Whether through traditional breeding or advancements in biotechnology, our ultimate goal is to anticipate and better meet the needs of edible oil end users. Top priorities for soybean trait modifications include:

  • Reduced saturates (≤11%)
  • Reduced linolenic acids (<3%)
  • Increased oleic acids (>75%)

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However, recognizing that a "one size fits all" approach is not the solution, research into increased omega-3 and high stearic varieties is also underway.

We have included both detailed technical materials and quick "snap shot" overviews to describe soybean oil innovations. So, whether you have a little or a lot of time to research soy-based trans fat solutions, we think you'll find the right amount of data to fit your needs.


Keep up with the trends, anticipate what's next and deliver a healthy future for your products…and your customers.

Soybean Oil Trait Enhancement Pipeline


Explore processing technologies including chemical and enzymatic interesterification, gelling, blending, improved hydrogenation techniques and increased use of antioxidants. Learn about enhanced soybean oil traits that do not require hydrogenation but still have the same superior functionality and flavor characteristics that the food industry has come to expect from soybean oil. 

These traits include low linolenic — the first enhanced oil to emerge out of the research pipeline, as well as high oleic, increased omega-3 and high stearic soybean oils.

Since 1994, the United Soybean Board has played and continues to play a significant role in advancing the understanding of the science around trans fats; ensuring responsible and accurate communication of the science to the food industry, health professionals and consumers; and funding important agricultural production studies to identify soybean solutions for the future.

Want a quick reference that offers more insight into how the soybean industry is addressing trans fat? Learn how important milestones during the past 15 years have helped ensure a safer, healthier food supply.