Dr. Channapatna S. Prakash

  • Expertise: Agriculture & Biotechnology

Dr. C. S. Prakash, Professor in Plant Molecular Genetics and Director of the Center for Plant Biotechnology Research at Tuskegee University, oversees research on food crops of importance to developing countries and the training of scientists and students in plant biotechnology. He has also been actively involved in enhancing the societal awareness of food biotechnology issues around the world.

Dr. Prakash serves on the USDA's Agricultural Biotechnology Advisory Committee and also on the Advisory Committee for the Department of Biotechnology of the Government of India. He has actively worked to promote biotechnology research in developing countries in Asia and Africa and has trained students and scholars through research collaboration and lectures.

Dr. Prakash has a Bachelor's degree in agriculture and a Masters in genetics from India, and obtained his Ph.D. in forestry/genetics from the Australian National University, Canberra. His research interests include studies on transgenic plants, gene expression, tissue culture and plant genomics. Dr. Prakash's group at Tuskeegee pioneered the development of transgenic sweet potato plants, identification of DNA polymorphism in peanut plants, and the development of a genetic map of cultivated peanut. They have recently enhanced the protein content of crops several-fold through genetic modification. Dr. Prakash has more than fifty scientific publications in refereed journals and has presented more than 100 papers at meetings.

Dr. Prakash's 'Declaration in Support of Agricultural Biotechnology' has received endorsements from over 3,000 scientists from across the world, including Nobel Laureates Dr. Norman Borlaug, Dr. James Watson, Dr. Peter Doherty and Dr. John Boyer.

Dr. Prakash also serves as an advising editor to www.agbioforum.org, a Web journal devoted to agbiotech issues, and www.agbiotechtech.net, a British Internet portal. Through www.agbioworld.org, he has disseminated information and promoted discussion on the subject of agricultural biotechnology among scientists, activists and journalists.

Additionally, Dr. Prakash has been invited to the United Nations Committee on Sustainable Development, has given testimony to the U.S. Congressional Committee on Science, lectured at a seminar during the WTO meeting in Seattle, and took part in a televised debate with Dr. Vandana Shiva on the Indian TV program 'Cross Fire' on DoorDarshan. His many major speaking engagements around the globe include the Congressional Forum on World Hunger at the U.S. Capitol, the keynote address at the inaugural meeting of AfricaBio in Pretoria and the Biotech2000 conference in New Delhi, and presentations on behalf of the U.S. State Department.

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