Monica Bearden, RD

EXPERTISE: Weight Management

Monica Bearden is a registered dietitian with a passion for food and health. An enthusiastic speaker, she motivates audiences to make healthier lifestyle changes.

Monica’s research experience in plant-based science and years of working with consumers to reach their health goals led to co-authoring the award-winning Chocolate - A Healthy Passion and The Baby Fat Diet. She avidly blogs at and is on Twitter @babyfatdiet.

You can often hear Monica’s interviews on National Public Radio and local radio stations, and she is often quoted in consumer magazines. She has written articles for the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, American Journal of Medicine and Sports and Today’s Dietitian. She is also a Texas Dietetic Association media spokesperson.

Monica is part owner of NutCom, a health and wellness consulting firm, where she partners with food organizations to communicate health and wellness messages and launch nutritious and healthier food options for consumers.

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