Gary R. List

EXPERTISE: Food Science: Oil

Mr. List is a retired Lead Scientist at the National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research in Peoria, the largest of its major research centers. With 44 years experience, his interests include all areas of oilseeds processing and edible oils.

Mr. List began his career in 1963 and since then has published over 315 publications, proceedings, abstracts and book chapters. He has edited seven books on fats and oils and contributed to three revisions of the standard fats and oils textbook, Baileys Industrial Oil and Fat Products. Mr. List has made 145 presentations at national and international meetings, conferences and workshops.

He has been a lecturer at numerous AOCS, IFT and Texas A&M Short Courses. He has received numerous awards for his research from five technical societies and trade groups including the Bailey Medal, Fellow and Award of Merit (AOCS); the Chang Macy and Division Lecturer Award (IFT); the Outstanding Achievement Award (USB); the Lipid Technology Award (Euro Fed Lipids); and Chemist of the Year (Peoria Section, ACS).

In retirement he serves as a consultant to the edible oils industry.

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