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Learn about soyfoods/soybean oil and health directly from the Soy Connection Experts in our series of short video clips. Our experts are available to media and conference organizers seeking the latest research, nutrition tips and health professional perspectives on soyfoods.

Consume Healthier Fats with Soybean Oil
Soy meets the 2010 Dietary Guidelines.
Health Benefits of Biotechnology
What benefits do biotechnology enhanced soybeans provide to human health and environmental sustainability?
Spend Your Calorie Bucks Wisely
What are some foods that are nutrient dense and can keep me healthy and help me manage my weight?
Menopausal? Try Cooling Off with Soy
Should menopausal women consume soy for hot flash relief?
Why Men Need Soy
Can soy help prevent prostate cancer? Does soy affect men's masculinity?
Age Healthfully - How Soy May Help
How much soy intake is enough to promote women's health? Does more mean better? Is it possible to eat too much soy?
Start Soy Habits for Kids' Health
What makes soyfoods good for children?
Soybean Oil is full of Healthy Surprises
Is soybean oil healthy? Where can I buy it?
Manage Your Weight Healthfully
How can I increase my protein intake as well as manage my weight?
Bring Home the Diversity of Soy
How can I use soy to improve my family's health?
Contact a Soy Connection Expert:
Rayanne Zackery: (206) 270-4653 | Vicki Nesper (206) 270-4668