Health Benefits of Biotechnology

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Health Benefits of Biotechnology
Lisa Katic, RD
Biotech soybeans are used as an ingredient in many foods that you enjoy every day. In this video, Registered Dietitian, Lisa Katic, shares some examples of her favorite foods that have been enhanced with technology to provide healthier, more abundant food with less environmental impact.

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"My name is Lisa Katic and I'm a registered dietitian.

Food biotechnology has been used to enhance our food supply for decades. It's given us an abundant supply of food. It's helped protect our environment and now we're going to start to see benefits to human health using this technology. Many of the foods we enjoy every day have been enhanced using technology. A great example of that is summer squash or papaya. And the soybean crop has been enhanced using biotechnology for a long time. Tofu is made from soybeans and soybeans are used as an ingredient in many foods that you enjoy every day like snack foods, sandwich bread, even cooking oil and one of my favorites: energy bars, they're a great source of soy protein. Scientists are currently enhancing soybeans to make them even healthier, which is pretty exciting for a dietitian like myself. The oils that are extracted from those seeds will continue to be trans fat-free, but have an added benefit of being lower in saturated fat and in the future we're even gonna see soybeans that have increased levels of heart-healthy omega-3s. Biotech crops will not only provide us with healthier food but a greater abundance of food—not just for us here in the United States, but for those around the world, while having less of an impact on our environment."

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