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Learn about soyfoods/soybean oil and health directly from the experts in our series of short video clips.
Manage Your Weight Healthfully
Monica Bearden, RD
Join Registered Dietitian, Monica Bearden, as she discusses how soy protein can be incorporated into a healthy diet for weight management. Soy (such as tofu) is a high protein food, which is also a source of plant based protein. Soy is higher in protein than other plant based foods, with 35% protein content versus
20% - 30%.

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"I'm Monica Bearden and I'm a registered dietitian.

Soy is a great way to pump up the protein in your diet to help you reach you weight management goals. Protein can help you manage your weight in three ways. The first is that it helps you feel fuller longer. The second is that it can help you increase your muscle mass, and muscle burns more calories than fat. And thirdly, and this is new research, it might help with fat loss.

Plant-based foods are a great way to increase you protein. Soy is one of my favorites. Not only is it delicious and versatile, but it's higher in protein than other plant based foods. It has about 35% protein versus 20%-30%. It's actually very easy to increase your protein. By adding these three foods you can increase your protein intake by 28 grams. So 42 almonds, about a serving is nine grams of protein. Add it as a snack. And tofu, its versatility is wonderful. Just half a cup will add five grams of protein to your meal. So use a soft tofu in your smoothies for breakfast or add the extra firm to your noodle dishes and your stir fries.

And lastly, soybeans, just half a cup has 14 grams of protein. You can either eat it on its own as edamame or you can take the shelled soybean and add it to your chili and your pasta dishes. So adding plant-based protein like soy to your diet will not only help you reach your weight management goals, but it can also increase the nutritional value of your diet."


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