Soy and Children - Nutritious, Healthy Food
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Learn about soyfoods/soybean oil and health directly from the experts in our series of short video clips.
Start Soy Habits for Kids' Health
Keith Ayoob, EdD, RD, FADA
All kids need a healthy diet and soy is one of the most nutritious foods in our food supply. Out of all healthy food for kids, soy is a great choice because it's packed with nutrients, it's economical, and it can be easily incorporated into children's diets. Join Pediatric Nutritionist Keith Ayoob as he discusses soy for children.

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"I'm Doctor Keith Ayoob. I'm a pediatric nutritionist and a registered dietitian.

All kids need a healthy, nutritious diet and that's where soy fits in because soy is one of the most nutrient-rich foods in our food supply.

You know, I always tell parents that soybeans are actually a vegetable. They're just a vegetable with a lot of protein and a lot of nutrition, and you don't have to forego meat or other high protein animal foods. I really try to tell parents it's so easy to get kids to eat soyfoods and to incorporate soyfoods into their diet by just adding it to what kids already love. Now, a good example of that would be to add soft tofu to a smoothie. Another example would be to add some soy crumbles to their scrambled eggs. It makes for a really high protein meal. All kids love a PB&J sandwich but you can also add soy to that by using soy butter... and especially if you give it to kids on whole wheat bread you actually got a pretty good sandwich there.

Everybody seems to eat on the go now and we've really got to make an effort to give kids good food when they're on the run so they can eat with one hand, and a soy bar can really do well for kids there because they can throw it in their book-bag. They can eat it after school as a snack. I think soy is so great for kids because it's so versatile, it's so nutritious, and it's also economical. Plus, I love it that kids actually like foods with soy."

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