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Welcome to The Soy Connection Podcasting center, an ongoing series of interviews with Soy Connection newsletter editorial board members and authors summarizing research data on soy and human health.

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The Myths and Misconceptions of Soy

The Role of Soy in the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer

Soy and a Healthy Gut Microbiota

The types of bacteria residing in the gut have a significant impact on overall health. Supplements and prebiotics are commonly consumed today to promote gut health. In this podcast, Dr. Elaine Krul focuses on emerging data suggesting that soy products may promote a healthy gut microbiota. Dr. Krul is a senior fellow in the Global Nutrition Innovation Group at DuPont Nutrition and Health and is an adjunct associate professor at Washington University in St. Louis. In addition to this podcast, Dr. Krul’s complete article on this topic can be found in the Volume 24, No. 3 issue of The Soy Connection Newsletter.

Soy Feeds A Hungry World

Soy is playing a growing role in feeding a hungry world. In this podcast, author Peter Goldbitz examines the importance of soy in providing health and nutrition from Asia to Europe, Africa to Latin America. With nearly 8 billion people in the world today and another billion on the way by 2040, soy is poised to help meet the nutritional needs of a growing and hungry world.

How Soy Fits In When It Comes to Fatty Acids

A recent meta-analysis found no evidence of a direct relationship between the intake of saturated fat and coronary heart disease. Are saturated fats not as bad as they seem, and where do polyunsaturated fats and soybean oil fit in? These questions are examined by Dr. Bruce Griffin in this podcast. He is a professor of nutritional metabolism at the University of Surry in the United Kingdom, and he gives his take on these questions and more. We invited you to listen, and learn.

Evaluating the Effects of Soy Isoflavones on Depression

Statistics show that the number of people suffering from depression is growing. Could there be a connection between diet and mood? Dr. Mark Messina says yes, and that soy isoflavones can help. In this brief and informative podcast, Dr. Messina discusses the positive impact soy isoflavones can have on mood and depression—especially in women experiencing hormonal changes. We invite you to listen and find out more by reading Dr. Messina’s full article on these topics in the Volume 23.4 issue of The Soy Connection newsletter.

Soy Protein and Muscle Protein Synthesis

Jared Dickinson, PhD, an assistant professor at Arizona State University, has focused his research on understanding the mechanisms that contribute to the loss of muscle size and functioning with aging, and how exercise and nutrition can be utilized to improve muscle health in older adults and the clinical population. In this podcast, Dr. Dickinson focuses specifically on the overall impact soy protein has on the development of skeletal muscle and how to maximize soy intake for optimal muscle protein synthesis. More can be learned by reading Dr. Dickinson’s full article on this topic in the Volume 23, No. 3 issue of The Soy Connection newsletter.

Research Behind MyPlate

Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD, is a professor in the Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota. She was a member of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which provided the research foundation for the development of In this podcast, she talks about the DGAC’s work, the importance of the dietary guidelines, and how soy fits in to the picture.
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