Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 32, No. 2

1. Marc is an athlete interested in consuming a diet that will support muscle adaptation. You advise Marc about the importance of the “4Rs” which are:

2. Numerous studies and meta-analyses have shown that protein intake ________the RDA promotes superior muscular adaptations for endurance exercise.

3. Marc is interested in consuming more plant-based proteins, but he has concerns because several online influencers say soy protein adversely affects male reproductive hormones and is inferior to animal proteins. What would you say to Marc about his concerns?

4. Meta-analyses show that _________is the most important variable for protein related benefits.

5. ________ is an amino acid that triggers muscle protein synthesis, so consuming adequate amounts may boost muscle recovery and long-term athletic performance.

6. Ryan is an elite college basketball player who travels frequently. She would like to add more soy to her diet but is concerned about eating well on the road. Which of the following would be good choices for “on-the-go” snacks?

7. Ryan asks how much protein she should be consuming every day. Total daily protein consumption should range from _________g/kg body weight/day.

8. Proper fueling strategies, tailored to individual goals and training intensity, are essential for maximizing performance and minimizing the risk of injury and require adequate intake of __________.

9. Adequate hydration is essential to performance, particularly for service members. The aim should be to consume at least _______liters of water, spread evenly throughout the day, adjusting for sweat rates and environment.

10. Long term soy protein intake can support athletic performance, especially in sports associated with muscle damage or strenuous exercise. Soy protein can also boost ____________and limit peroxidation contributing to tissue damage.

11. John is a first responder with a family history of heart disease and high cholesterol. His physician suggested he switch from animal sources of protein to soy or other vegan sources. John is a weightlifter and is concerned soy supplements are not as effective as whey in increasing strength. What does the evidence say about this topic?

12. Elite athletes’ nutrition requirements vary during training periods called _____________ which promote peak performance at specific times of the year. These periods typically include pre-season, competition season, and off-season.