Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol 32, No 1

1. In a cross-sectional study of nearly 3,000 elderly Dutch individuals, women with better adherence to healthy dietary guidelines had fewer wrinkles than those with a ____ and ______dominate pattern of eating.

2. One small study showed ingesting tomato paste daily for 10 weeks showed better resistance to the effects of UV radiation, with less skin erythema after UV exposure. The phytonutrient in tomato paste that may confer this effect is:

3. The three main processes impacting skin health are_______, _______ and _______.

4. _______is a non-enzymatic process whereby proteins and sugars combine to form advanced glycation end products (AGES).

5. To help maintain skin health, patients should be advised to

6. Mary is a patient seeking dietary advice to improve her skin; in addition to adequate hydration, you would advise her to do which of the following?

7. Mary is concerned about aging appearance. Through a diet history, you learn that Mary drinks four 16-ounce sugary coffee beverages every day. Added sugars can increase __________ and may accelerate aging in the body, affecting the skin if consumed in excess.

8. ____based meal patterns provide nutrients like anti-oxidants and phytochemicals that may help slow body and skin aging.

9. Mary saw a Tic Tok video promoting soy isoflavone supplements for post-menopausal women seeking to reduce aged appearance. She asks you if she should take a supplement and if so, how much to take. Clinical studies suggest that the dose of isoflavones shown to be efficacious for helping to improve skin is between ___ to ___ mg/day.

10. In a small study of pre-menopausal Japanese women (n=26), soy isoflavone supplements taken daily for 12 weeks were found to improve ______ at week 12 when compared with placebo.

11. Mary says she would prefer to get the suggested amount of soy isoflavones via food. How many servings of soy foods provide the isoflavone dose range found to be efficacious in clinical studies?

12. In addition to added sugars, excess intake of _______may also increase inflammation and accelerate aging in the body, affecting skin health.