Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 29, No. 4

1. According to the article, bisphenol A (BPA) can be found in all of the following, EXCEPT:

2. In a study cited in the article, among women undergoing in vitro fertilization not consuming soyfoods, live birth rates _______ as urinary BPA levels _________.

3. The article states that review of the observational and clinical study outcomes likely to be affected by endocrine-active substances suggest:

4. According to the article, extensive clinical data shows that isoflavones____________ T4 and/or T3 in euthyroid individuals.

5. Intake of which of the following affect levels of estrogen, estradiol, and/or total/free testosterone in men, according to the article?

6. According to the literature, exposure to which of the following significantly affects reproductive hormone levels in women?

7. Evidence suggests that post-diagnosis soy intake ____________ for breast cancer survivors.

8. In regards to the effect of soy isoflavones and endometrial cancer risk compared with endometriosis, results seem to suggest:

9. Current evidence suggests ______________ between a high habitual intake of soyfoods with advanced puberty onset.

10. The available evidence ___________________ relationship between soy intake and hormone levels in children.

11. In regards to fetal effects of maternal soy/isoflavone intake, evidence suggests that isoflavones are _____________ to exert an estrogenic effect on the fetus.

12. The article suggests that breastfed infants ____________affected by maternal soy consumption.