E-Book: Soy’s Role in Sustainable Nutrition

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Thursday, November 2, 2023
U.S. Soy Staff


The global prevalence of malnutition and diet-related chronic diseases is compounded by widespread environmental concerns. Enter sustainable nutrition: the concept of a healthy eating pattern being accessible, affordable, and culturally relevant, while also protecting planteary resources.

Healthcare professionals who recommend patients embrace sustainable diets that consider nutrition and health, as well as economic, environmental, and social and cultural concerns can support health across the lifespan while also promoting positive change for future generations.

With these considerations in mind, it is imperative that healthcare professionals are aware of the nutritional and environmental benefits as well as the accessibility of U.S. grown soy.

1. Soy’s unique nutritional profile makes it a key ingredient in plant-forward diets that support health across the lifespan.

2. Indeed, soy protein carries a FDA heart health claim and current evidence suggests that consuming soy foods in childhood and adolescence may reduce one’s breast cancer risk in later life.

3. Additionally, the absorption of calcium from calcium-fortified soy milk and calcium-set tofu (tofu made with calcium sulfate as the coagulant) is similar to the absorption of calcium from cow’s milk, which suggests soyfoods can play a role in preventing osteoporosis.

4. Soybeans can be transformed into a wide range of nutritious products, making them versatile and accessible to different markets and consumers.

5. Soyfoods are available in mainstream supermarkets and many feature long shelf lives, helping to maximize budgets.

6. As stewards of the land, U.S. soybean farmers follow sustainable soy farming techniques that help improve efficiencies, yield more crops, and produce sustainable soy.

For more information on the cultural, environmental, nutritional, and socioeconomic considerations associated with plant-based eating patterns that include soy, download our E-Book here which includes a custom plant-forward shopping list for patients and clients.

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