Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 27, No. 3

1. According to the article, soyfoods can contribute several nutrients to a child’s diet, including all of the following, EXCEPT:

2. The article states that consumption of a minimum of ___ serving(s) of soy per day during childhood may markedly reduce risk of developing breast cancer.

3. An estimated ___% of young adults ages 18-34 identify as vegetarian, as reported in the article.

4. The article states that factors potentially contributing to recent trend of early menarche include all of the following, EXCEPT:

5. Research discussed in the article notes that very high intake of soy protein-containing soyfoods:

6. According to the article, an estimated ___ % of children will outgrow their reported soy allergy by age 10.

7. Among formula-fed infants, the article cites that soy formula comprises approximately ___ % of total formula consumption.

8. Which of the following foods is NOT considered high-quality protein—which means this protein is low in 1 or more essential amino acids?

9. Which of the following factors found in some soyfoods may inhibit calcium absorption?

10. According to the article, soybean oil contributes greater than ___% of the U.S. intake of essential fatty acids.

11. Of the non-dairy plant milks discussed in the “Soy and Non-Dairy Plant Milks” article, which of the following (non-fortified) milks have a protein content similar to that of cow’s milk?

12. In the “Healthy Handout”, which item listed below is new to the recently revised Nutrition Facts panel?