Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 25, No.2

1. The article states that the initial interest in the chemopreventive effects of soy products was based on the ability of _______ to inhibit the activity of an enzyme overexpressed in cancer cells.

2. For which reason does the article suggest the isoflavones in soyfoods could influence the risk of endometrial cancer?

3. Which cancer is stated as third most prevalent worldwide?

4. According to the article, _______ contributes to 80-90% of _______ cancer deaths.

5. Overall, isoflavones are found to have _____ role in lung cancer development as/than smoking.

6. In the research described, which compound was found to potentially inhibit carcinogenesis in bladder cancer?

7. Evidence in the article regarding thyroid cancer suggests:

8. Of the cancers addressed in this article, the epidemiological data are most supportive of a protective effect of soy for which two cancers:

9. The article states it is important to recognize that most of the relevant epidemiological data regarding the impact of soy on cancer comes from which population:

10. Statistics related that one out of every _____ people will encounter a cancer diagnosis in his/her lifetime.

11. For leukemia and lymphoma, it was stated that recent data reports the incidence has _____, and the death rates have _____.

12. In a study cited in the SOYBEAN OIL CORNER, evidence suggests that replacing dairy fat with which of the following may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease?