Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 27, No.1

1. According to the article, protein RDAs are based on direct evidence from:

2. The article states that the RDA and EAR are based on comprehensive analysis of:

3. According to the article, the nitrogen balance method tends to ______ nitrogen intake and _____ nitrogen excretion:

4. When expressed as a percentage of energy intake, Indicator Amino Acid Oxidation estimates a total caloric protein intake range of ______, whereas current DRIs recommend ______.

5. In general, ______ protein is considered higher quality, based on essential amino acid concentration.

6. As stated in the article, in vivo protein quality is determined by the two factors of digestibility and ______.

7. The second article states that the general recommendation of protein intake for active individuals who exercise ranges from:

8. According to the article, the average American male consumes about _____ grams of protein per day.

9. Recent research reviewed in the article suggests that in order to be within the “anabolic window”, the consumption of protein should be within as much as ______ after resistance exercise.

10. To maximize anabolism, the article states that one should consume protein at a target range of:

11. With respect to muscle mass and strength, data suggest that protein type plays a(n) _______ role than/to protein amount.

12. The FDA recently authorized the use of a qualified health claim citing that oils high in oleic acid, such as soybean oil, may specifically reduce the risk of: