Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 30, No. 2

1. The benefits of food processing, according to the article, include all of the following, EXCEPT:

2. According to recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data, U.S. consumers receive ____ of calories from ultra-processed foods.

3. According to the “NOVA Classification”, which of the following foods would be considered a “Group 1” food?

4. The article states that plant-based milks and plant-based meats are almost always classified by NOVA as:

5. According to the article, one of the major criticisms of ultra-processed foods is that they are consumed more ______ and ______ energy dense.

6. Evidence indicates that common attributes associated with ultra-processed foods — such as________ — do not apply to soyfoods more so than to meat and cow’s milk, which are classified as NOVA Group 1 foods.

7. The author argues that classifying foods based solely on ______ fails to consider the complexity of foods and may end up discouraging the consumption of foods that can help meet nutrient needs.

8. According to the secondary article, nutrient profiling systems (NPS) are used to evaluate foods for government policies, such as __________ and warning labels

9. A review of NPS models demonstrated that less than ______ underwent formal evaluation of content or construct validity.

10. According to the third article, _____ of consumers polled stated that they consume plant-based meat alternatives daily.

11. The third article states that the most common reasons for consuming plant-based meat alternatives include all of the following, EXCEPT:

12. The final article concludes that plant-based meat alternatives are now a common part of Americans’ diets.