5.6.2022 - A Lifelong Soybean Farmer Shares Sustainable Farming Techniques For Earth Day

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Friday, May 6, 2022
Sara Belcher

Climate change has become a constant point of conversation for everyone. But as conversations begin to turn to what's next for life on Earth, it's become hard for many to remain focused on what we can do right now to help keep our planet healthy.

"I would hear growing up that space is the final frontier, but I believe we were lied to our whole lives, because soil is the final frontier," lifelong soybean farmer Tony Mellenthin tells Green Matters over the phone, just ahead of Earth Day.

"It's something that we work with, we walk on every single day," he continues. "But we know just a small fraction of what's actually going on in our soil, and getting our soil healthy — and allowing these microbes to work is the next frontier."

While farming and sustainability don't always go hand-in-hand, Mellenthin says he and his father have been working hard the past few years to implement new practices to keep both their crops and land healthy.


This article originally ran on GreenMatters.com.

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