U.S. Soy for the Food Industry

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U.S. Grown, Sustainable & Heart Healthy

Soybeans are sustainably produced and grown by U.S. farmers you can trust. The food industry and their customers benefit from soy’s many positive traits, including sustainable sourcing, versatility, functionality and nutritional attributes.

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Both soy protein and soybean oil carry a FDA heart health claim. The FDA’s authorized health claim recognizes soy’s cholesterol-lowering effects and that soy may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

The widespread growing regions in the U.S. ensure a steady supply of soybeans, despite inclement weather. The shorter supply chain translates to reduced transportation costs and a lower carbon footprint.

Growing Regions and Projected Regions

  • 4X more growing acreage for U.S. soybeans compared to other oilseed crops ensures stable production volume from year to year, regardless of weather.

  • 85 million acres of U.S. soybeans means soy is always readily available to meet your ingredient needs.

Hear from leading U.S. food companies on why they source U.S. grown ingredients, like soybeans and soybean oils. Visit our Soybean Oils and Soy Protein pages to learn more about the smart and sustainable ingredient solutions available to you, and to connect with an ingredient supplier.

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