Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 25, No.3

1. Which stated compounds can inhibit bioavailable absorption of certain nutrients:

2. The article states that vegetarians may have low iron stores because they generally consume:

3. Calcium absorption from calcium-fortified soymilk is stated to be _______ the absorption of calcium from cow’s milk.

4. According to the article, zinc absorption from soyfoods is approximately ______ as compared to zinc from sources from animal proteins.

5. Clinical research cited in the article shows soyfood consumption ______ reproductive hormone levels in children.

6. Reported clinical evidence suggests that in postmenopausal women, isoflavone exposure may improve:

7. Statistics in the article note that approximately _____ of formula-fed infants use soy formula.

8. The American Academy of Pediatrics concludes that soy formula:

9. In the Beginnings Study cited in the article, which of the following observations was noted at 3-6 months of age:

10. According to the Beginnings Study, what findings were reported regarding infant mental development index (MDI) at 6 and 12 months?

11. In the United States, which of the foods listed below is NOT considered among the top eight most frequent human food allergens:

12. According to the article, an allergy to _____ is much less common than allergy to ________.