Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 26, No. 1

1. About what quantity of soybean oil is specifically listed in the FDA’s new Qualified Health Claim in order to confer stated benefits:

2. The article states that all of the following products (which also meet stated restrictions for saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium) could use the new soybean oil claim, EXCEPT:

3. According to the article, the factors that allow soybean oil to have a favorable fatty acid distribution for reducing the risk of coronary artery disease include:

4. Studies cited in the article suggest that the intake of ALA is ____ the incidence of CHD.

5. Another component of soybean oil that was stated to also contribute to its cardioprotective properties include:

6. The presented data suggests that the most important area of supportive evidence for soybean oil’s new health claim is in its ability to lower the concentration of ____ and ____, when used as a replacement for dietary ______.

7. Another evidence-based stated benefit of soybean oil is that it reportedly does not adversely affect ______ or ______.

8. According to the article, the FDA has authorized the strongest claim language for a Qualified Health Claim to which of the following oils:

9. All of the following other claims have been approved by the FDA since 1990, EXCEPT:

10. According to the second article, which type of claim from the FDA requires more scientific, evidence-based support?

11. In what year did the FDA initially authorize a health claim for soy protein related to the reduced risk of coronary heart disease?

12. How many “qualified” health FDA health claims currently exist, according to the article: