Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 26, No. 3

1. According to the article, which of the following is considered a component of the diagnostic criteria for Stage 1 Hypertension

2. The article states that adults with Stage 1 Hypertension have about a ___-fold increase in cardiovascular disease, as compared to their normotensive counterparts.

3. The mineral ______ has been associated with increasing blood pressure, while _______ has been linked with lowering blood pressure.

4. According to the article, clinical and population-based studies show that ______ diets can have a blood pressure-lowering affects as a result of multiple associated dietary factors.

5. According to the article, the portfolio diet _____ blood pressure, compared to the DASH Diet, and additionally contains ____ g of soy protein per 1,000 kcals.

6. In a 2002 study by Spanish investigators, cited in the article, which component of soy was specifically linked with lowering blood pressure:

7. In the study citing the first meta-analysis of the clinical data to examine the effects of soy on blood pressure, which of the following markers specifically signified that the protein in soy was the primary hypotensive agent?

8. According to the article, the hypotensive properties contained in soy foods may result because:

9. According to the HEALTHY HANDOUT, isoflavones in soybeans appear to boost the activity of enzymes that increase the production of which hypotensive compound:

10. According to the second article, prior to 2017 what factor most likely skewed the data establishing diagnostic criteria for hypertension in children?

11. The article states that with the 2017 guidelines, recommendations for the age of initial screening of blood pressure:

12. Recommendations for hypertensive children include all of the following EXCEPT: