Continuing Professional Education Credit

SOY CONNECTION Newsletter Vol. 24, No.1

1. Analysis of the Sydney Heart Study:

2. The newsletter states that certain SFA:

3. The newsletter mentions that the effects of SFA on LDL cholesterol are multifactorial, and determined by all of the following EXCEPT:

4. According to the newsletter, the addition of dietary ____ has been proven to be the most effective substitute for SFA in lowering serum LDL cholesterol.

5. The newsletter suggests that if the carbohydrate that replaces SFA is ___, it may exert adverse effects on CHD risk.

6. According to the newsletter, the potential of dietary SFA to raise LDL cholesterol generally ____ with a(n) ____ number of carbon atoms in the fatty acid chain.

7. A low ___ is stated to be indicative of a lower risk of CHD.

8. The strongest dietary evidence proposed by the article to reduce the risk of CHD has been found in which of the following dietary patterns:

9. All of the following are listed as characteristics of solid fats, EXCEPT:

10. Unless granted FDA approval otherwise, removal of partially hydrogenated fat from food needs to be completed by what year?

11. Which of the following fats generally denature the slowest under higher temperatures?

12. What is the most widely used edible oil in the US, according to the newsletter?