1.30.23 - Fuel Up for The Big Game with Soy Snacks

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Monday, January 30, 2023
Paige McLaughlin

The Big Game is right around the corner. Whether you’re bringing a snack to your friend or family’s house, or hosting the big game yourself, try adding in some soy to amp up the protein in some of your traditional game-day favorites.  

Fun fact: Soy protein is one of the only plant-based proteins that’s comparable to animal proteins, since it contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. If you’re looking to add more plant-based protein into your diet, soy is a great, high-quality option that will keep you full and satiated throughout the entire game. 

Check out some recipe inspiration below. 

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1. Soybean Cowboy Caviar: Dips are a quintessential part of any game-day spread, and this edamame cowboy caviar is sure to be a crowd pleaser thanks to its creamy avocado, zesty lime and satisfying crunch from the red onion. The edamame adds a good source of protein and fiber to keep your guests full throughout the evening. Grab your favorite tortilla or pita chips and get dipping! 

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2. Crispy Air Fried Buffalo Tofu Nuggets: Buffalo wings are a popular appetizer but aren’t vegetarian friendly. What about swapping out traditional chicken wings for easy air-fried buffalo tofu nuggets? Not only is tofu a good source of complete protein, but it also is a source of calcium, which can support bone health. Best served with celery and blue cheese sauce! 

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3. Jalapeño Tofu Poppers: Who doesn’t love a jalapeño popper? Try adding in tofu for a little extra protein and flavor, which pairs great with the spiciness of the jalapeno. Thanks to its versatility, tofu can be easily incorporated into any snack and adds a source of important vitamins and minerals such as iron, niacin and zinc. 

4. Tex Mex Tempeh Chili: Though not technically a snack, chili is sure to be hearty accompaniment to any game-day party. Tempeh’s firm, tender and chewy texture makes it an excellent swap for other proteins typically seen in chili recipes. Spread out some chili toppers like cilantro, green onion, cheese or sour cream, and let everyone customize their own bowl! 

For more plant-based and protein-filled soy snacks to fuel your game-day, visit SoyConnection.com/Recipes

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