8.22.22 - Level Up Your Grilling Game with Soy on the Menu

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Monday, August 22, 2022
Nataly Lopez

3 Soy-Based Recipes to Upgrade Your Summer Cookouts

Sad about summer coming to a close? Don’t worry, these delicious soy-based cookout recipes will keep your taste buds happy all year long.

Soyfoods come in many forms, from tofu and tempeh to edamame and even oil. Soy is an easy, plant-based option that can be added to any meal to increase your intake of a variety of important nutrients, vitamins and minerals including protein, fiber, B vitamins and folate.

Here are some tasty cookout recipes featuring soy that will keep your mouth wanting more:

Want to mix up your burger game?

Try these Sweet and Spicy Grilled Tofu Burgers made from extra firm tofu. Tofu is a great addition to a well-rounded diet as it is made from soy protein which is heart healthy, a complete source of protein and the isoflavones found in soy may promote brain health and the protein in soy may support bone health.

 Looking for an easy appetizer?

Adding these Tofu Skewers with Soynut Satay Dipping Sauce to your summer party appetizers is sure to draw in a crowd! Not only are these grilled tofu cubes a delicious and savory snack, but tofu is cholesterol free, low in saturated fat and a source of calcium.


Need a new BBQ sauce recipe?

Mixing in this B-Q Marinade will add the perfect flavor to ribs, chicken or whatever you’re grilling. The soybean oil in this savory marinade provides a source of polyunsaturated fat, which can help lower your cholesterol levels.

Learn more about the Joy of Soy by downloading our free cookbook. Happy grilling!

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